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Soft dart set - Schildkröte

Soft dart set - Schildkröte

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The new Schildkröt Soft Dart Set consists of a Velcro dart board (38cm), which is printed on both sides with different target fields and can be played from both sides. Using the Velcro balls (4cm), each player takes turns throwing 2 colored balls at the target to hit the highest numbers. After the numbers are added up, the player who scores the most points wins. The Velcro balls have a special short burr that sticks to the target even when hit hard and does not bounce. Soft dart set for 2 players. The harmless dart fun for the whole family. You do not have to worry about sharp darts that cause injuries or make holes in the wall.

Age: 3+

Condition: Used - Good

Material: Fabric

Dimension: 38 cm diameter

Weight: 200g

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