Meet our ambassadors

Cédric Baecher

Partner at Wavestone, Expert in Sustainability and CSR

20 years of commitment to sustainable transformation, in Europe and around the world, have convinced me of 3 essential priorities:

  1. Inventing new economic models, respectful of a more responsible use of natural resources;
  2. Relentlessly supporting Innovation efforts that respond to concrete needs widely shared by populations;
  3. Showing boldness and optimism, to see the energy and ecological transition as a formidable source of opportunities for all.

Circle Toys' mission and positioning are perfectly aligned with these 3 priorities, so I'm particularly happy to support this great entrepreneurial adventure!

Marion Savioz

eaZen Founder

I specialise in home sorting and organisation, or Home Organisers. Every day I'm confronted with overflowing interiors, reflecting the consumer society we live in, and toys are the number one source of clutter.

When I discovered Circle Toys, I was immediately attracted by their concept. It's essential to have companies like theirs that tackle the problem of over-consumption and waste, in order to change our habits and mentalities, and naturally I wanted to get involved by becoming an ambassador for this project.

I'd like to express my gratitude to Circle Toys for their innovative and positive initiative!

Stéphanie Fleury

General Secretary - Mitte Frauen Schweiz

As an ambassador for Circle Toys, I'm proud to support a company that embodies my sustainability values in an exceptional way. Their commitment to recycling, repairing, and bringing second-hand toys back to life for children is inspiring. By educating young people about the circular economy, we are creating a more planet-friendly future, while providing children with toys that have a deeper story and meaning. 🌱🌍💚

Chani Guillard

Senior manager in Sustainability services - Deloitte

Offering a toy with a second life is just the same in terms of happiness for the kid, but makes a great difference on the environment side! It is simply a no brainer in my opinion, and that’s why I really like circle toys. Also, it means something to me to actually show my kids that you can make smart choices everyday. Circle toys rely on the smart choice of all of us now!

Adi Kouadio

Director Strategy and Partnership, Expedia Group

What a great way to play a part in a more sustainable world ! Making kids happy while saving the planet, a great circular economy initiative! Refrain from buying new toys that only serve a few months (or even days) and give a 2nd or 3rd life to toys with CircleToys !

Shera Lesueur

HR Leader

As an HR leader and entrepreneur passionate about sustainability and diversity & inclusion, I'm proud to be part of a movement that's reshaping industries.
The world is evolving, and with it, our perspectives on consumption. The take-make-waste model is becoming outdated, paving the way for a more sustainable approach: circularity. I firmly believe that embracing circularity in the toy industry will become the new normal.
Kudos to Circle Toys and their team for leading the way. By prioritizing circularity, they're shaping a future where sustainability and innovation go hand in hand.

Odile Niederhauser

Founder of Madame Pepperpote

As part of my decluttering coaching, I notice that a multitude of objects can have a second life. That's why I take the items sorted by my customers to charity shops and, for toys, Circle Toys is a solution I like to suggest to families.

The pollution emitted during the manufacture and import of toys is not insignificant, which is why they need to have a maximum lifespan! So there's nothing like reusing a toy, as long as it hasn't deteriorated. Well done to Circle Toys for their commitment to sustainability!

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