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Small detectives

Small detectives

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A dark story in Smalltown... A chance for you to prove that you're the greatest detective of them all! Your cards can be used to move around the neighborhood, or to cause residents to move. You'll need to use them wisely to position yourself alone on one of the houses (and so be able to search for clues). But beware: the cards you play are passed on to your opponents... Hold on to the clues you discover, go to the Pub to ask your opponents for more (but be careful not to steer them too far towards the solution...), bluff, and be the first to go to the Police Station to point out the culprit! A fast-paced, clever game where deduction, observation and bluffing are your main assets! 20 minutes 2-5 players

Age: 8+

Condition of the toy: Used - Like new

Material: Cardboard

Dimension: 13x13x4 cm

Weight: 0.206kg

Additional info: Language: French and English

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