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Ravensburger - Who eats what? Feed your favorite animals

Ravensburger - Who eats what? Feed your favorite animals

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From an early age, your child is interested in the world around them, observing, comparing, experimenting and understanding. The Ravensburger The Ravensburger "Discovery" collection offers games that stimulate your child's intellectual abilities by exploring key concepts in their development. All the games in the collection have been carefully designed. Developed with teachers and tested with children, these games tackle essential themes that will help your child to develop and become independent. The game consists of describing each image, finding the corresponding season and collecting the 4 seasons first, by moving around the year. An exciting journey through the cycle of time! The game involves filling in the "animals" plates with the right foods. The child locates the tokens corresponding to the images on each board, learns the names of the foods and discovers what each animal eats. This game gives children an initial documentary approach to the lives of familiar animals and enriches their vocabulary. Contents: 4 "Cycle of the Year" puzzle pieces, 1 roulette wheel Sun, 4 figurines, 40 cards, 1 set of rules

Age: 3+

Condition of the toy: Used - Like new

Material: Cardboard

Dimension: 27x19x5cm

Weight: 0.322kg

Additional info: Language: FR

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