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Playmobil ® Royal Lion Knights Castle - 6000

Playmobil ® Royal Lion Knights Castle - 6000

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With castle gate, drawbridge, large defence cannon and prison trapdoor. The portcullis guards the entrance to the armoury and the large throne room with a secret treasure stash. The Great Castle Dragon can be stored in the rock dungeon. The item includes two lion knights and the royal couple with the blue and red coat of arms. There are openings above the gate through which stones can be thrown. To the side of the castle gate, there are two slots for the LED torches from the Guardian of the King's Treasure item. There are additional attachment points in the throne room and next to the horse shelter. There is an opening in the wall to the side of the castle gate. The horse shelter can be played in from the inner courtyard, but can also be reached via the play hatch in the outer wall. The drawbridge is pulled up with the string. The cord is then attached to the hook on the front post. The portcullis is set in motion with a trigger on the castle tower and stops at a safe distance from the ground. The hidden staircase behind the wall provides access to the balcony through the hatch in the floor. The large dungeon can be accessed via the lattice hatch in the floor of the throne room. The rock insert can be pulled out to play with. Inside the cave, a small rock drawer conceals the entrance to the dragon's lair. This passageway is designed so that a figure can fit through it.

Dimension: 66 x 56 x 49 cm

Weight: 5.4 kg

Age: 4+

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