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Playmobil ® Medieval Castle - 3666

Playmobil ® Medieval Castle - 3666

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Vintage alert! This gem was discontinued many years ago, I think because of costs. Attempts by other toy companies and even Playmobil themselves to develop something similar, pale in comparison when put up against this beast. It is a classic that cannot be matched. Often called the greatest toy ever made!

Age: 4+

Condition of the toy: Used - Good

Additional info: These are the missing parts from the medieval castle original sets, but we have added some other parts: - The red and the green flag rode are missing - Rooster on the roof is missing - The steps of the grey staircase are damaged - Stain on the dome - 2 torches without holders - Lanyard for the suspension bucket - Blanket - Two girls, one man and a boy - Trumpet with a flag - Pigeons - One level from the tower Additional parts: - Plastic flags - Two horses - Horse equipments

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