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Monopoly - Travel Edition

Monopoly - Travel Edition

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With the compact games from Hasbro, fun is with you wherever you go. On a trip, on holiday, on an excursion - the most popular classic games in a handy pocketbook format provide lots of fun and games and should not be missing from any travel luggage. Monopoly Kompakt - the famous classic game goes with you on your journey. If it's allowed to take a little longer on the road, it's time for Monopoly. The popular board game about money, power and property has delighted generations and provides the right amount of excitement. Who is the moneymaker, who is the bankrupt? This compact edition of Monopoly contains everything for the incomparable Monopoly feeling on the go and is the ideal pastime for the whole family. 2-4 player

Age: 8+

Condition of the toy: New

Material: Cardboard

Dimension: 15x15x4 cm

Weight: 0.291kg

Additional info: Language: German and French

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