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The Manhattan Toy Company

Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic

Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic

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They can't speak properly yet, but they already have one thing in common: babies love Skwish. Skwish is not about a language code in baby babble that has been kept secret by science. No, it is a unique toy that playfully encourages and challenges babies in their development. With a diameter of approx. 15 cm, it is ideally suited for babies and toddlers from 0 to 24 months. The versatile structure made of grippy wooden rods, taut rubber bands and smooth balls can be squeezed and deformed in any way, yet immediately returns to its original shape. In the process, the wooden balls sliding back and forth produce gentle rattle sounds. Skwish serves the little ones both as a ball and as a teething ring. Parents, in turn, like the clear design and environmentally friendly processing from the trunk of the rubber tree, which guarantees the necessary safety. The medical world is also convinced of the therapeutic qualities and uses Skwish, among other things, in the treatment of severely or visually impaired patients. Skwish invites the little ones with its cheerful variety to press it, shake it, feel balls, ribbons and bars and thus playfully train motor skills, haptics and acoustics. The innovative baby learning toy comes from the toy forge of Manhattan Toy. The toy, which is becoming increasingly popular in this country, has already won several prestigious awards in the USA and England for innovative design and outstanding play qualities, such as the "Best Toy of the Year".

Age: 0+

Condition of the toy: Used - Like new

Material: Wood

Dimension: 15x15x15cm

Weight: 0.098kg

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