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Ravensburger - Kakerlaloop

Ravensburger - Kakerlaloop

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Get ready for a thrilling adventure as the cockroach scuttles across the game board, pushing bugs out of the way. Players must keep their cool and hope their beetles make it to the finish line first. With the cockroach disappearing into the ventilation shaft and reappearing unexpectedly, luck and nerves of steel are essential to win this exciting race. Will your beetle be the one to push the cockroach away and claim victory? Stay alert and roll the dice to navigate your beetle to the finish line in this suspenseful game of strategy and chance!

Age: 5+

Condition of the toy: Used - Good

Material: Plastic

Dimension: 43x30x8 cm

Weight: 0.952kg

Additional info: The plastic board is damaged but does not prevent to play.

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