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Jurassic Battle Triceratops Dinosaur action figure

Jurassic Battle Triceratops Dinosaur action figure

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We are in the year is 25XX. Super-advanced technology has enabled humanity to return to life amidst the dinosaurs and megafauna. With dino-control technology, machines, animals and humans are working together to reduce pollution to almost zero. Oxygen levels have risen, flora and fauna have increased in size and, finally, the world has become peaceful and self-sufficient. Thanks to the supercomputer known as evolution, the pinnacle of human technological achievement was reached, until the Singularity, also known as Cybergeddon, occurred. Conscious evolution decimated humanity and enslaved all surviving creatures, telepathically controlling dinosaurs and humans alike, creating the Final Impact, a military unit specialising in hunting down humans and feral dinosaurs for total world domination! A small commando group has escaped, living as fugitives in the new world between prehistoric wilderness and technological doom! But the surviving humans are strong and have an iron will. Alongside their tamed dinosaur companions and incredible technology, they will organise themselves and take revenge. The final AFFRONTEMENT OF THE JURASSICAL!

Age: 3+

Condition of the toy: New

Material: Plastic

Dimension: 26x18x9cm

Weight: 0.549kg

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