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Jenga Maker

Jenga Maker

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Form teams, start building and race for the crown. The Jenga Maker game is an exciting, fun edition of the classic Jenga game. Players form teams and try to complete their Jenga object with the Jenga hardwood blocks before the others. One team member describes the building shown on the card. The others try to complete and crown it as quickly as possible based on the description. Watch out. If a team builds the structure incorrectly or the object collapses, they have to start all over again. The first team to complete and crown 3 structures wins. It's a fun, challenging game that combines friends, skills, excitement, fun and a bit of luck. Looking for a great game for a family game night? The beginner and intermediate building levels make Jenga Maker an ideal game for adults and children aged 8+.

Age: 8+

Condition of the toy: Used - Minor flaws

Material: Wood

Dimension: 23x27x4.5cm

Weight: 1.121kg

Additional info: The box is slightly damaged.

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