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Huit minutes pour un empire - Board Game - French version

Huit minutes pour un empire - Board Game - French version

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Build your empire... In eight minutes! Featuring intuitive game mechanics and real choices, Eight Minutes for an Empire is a one-of-a-kind game that combines conquest, majority and resource management... all in less than eight minutes! In turn, buy a Resource card from the 6 available, then perform the action shown on this map: place new units on the board to strengthen your positions, move your troops to conquer new territories, cross the oceans to discover new continents, build cities to better expand your empire, or destroy an opposing Army to establish your dominance. But be careful not to overspend, as you only have your starting capital for the whole game. At the end of the game, each territory and continent on which you are the majority earns you 1 points, plus the resources accumulated throughout the game.

Age: 12+

Condition of the toy: Used - Minor flaws

Material: Cardboard

Dimension: 20.5x20.5x5cm

Weight: 0.487kg

Additional info: Slightly damaged box.

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