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Hape Baby Book Animals on the farm - Wood toy

Hape Baby Book Animals on the farm - Wood toy

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You want to introduce your child to the world of books and reading right from the start? Are you looking for an age-appropriate book for your baby? Then you can relax now, because your search has come to an end with the Hape Baby Book. This little book is specially adapted to the needs of babies. The pages all have a different shape at the top. The children will love to explore these shapes with their hands. As a side effect, the sense of touch is also trained. The individual pages tell a little story. They show different animals in clear pictures. The illustrations are as close to reality as possible. In this way, the children learn how the animals differ from each other and their cognitive abilities expand. If the names of the animals are spoken to the children again and again, the children can learn to assign a concrete animal to the word they hear. This also trains the cognitive abilities. In this way, the children are also encouraged to repeat the words. This also promotes the children's language development. The book has very clear and bright colours. This way, children can also learn to recognise and name the colours. All the pages of the book are made of wood. This has the advantage that the pages are a little stronger and can be turned easily by the children. The wood also makes the book particularly robust and it is not so bad if the book falls on the floor. All in all, it is a very durable product. The individual pages are held together with a ribbon that ends in a side closure. This way, the pages of the book can be turned easily even by small children's hands.

Age: 1+

Condition of the toy: Used - Good

Material: Wood

Dimension: 16.5x13cm

Weight: 0.093kg

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