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Dobble Frozen 2 - German version

Dobble Frozen 2 - German version

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Quick observation & reaction game for kids, families or a party.Quickly explained playable in 5 different variants. Dobble Frozen 2 with the princess and her friends. Contains 30 cards with 6 symbols. Dobble consists of 30 cards. Each of them shows 6 symbols. No matter which two cards you compare, there is always exactly one symbol that matches. Who will find it first? How does it work? New players can quickly and easily get acquainted with Dobble. To do this, two random cards are turned over and placed in a clearly visible position in the center. Now the task is to find the symbol that matches on both cards as quickly as possible. (Shape and color are the same, only the size can be different.) Whoever has found it names the symbol and then turns over two new cards. This is repeated until it is clear that exactly one symbol always matches between two cards. Now the game is ready to start.

Age: 4+

Condition of the toy: Used - Like new

Material: Cardboard

Dimension: 9.5x4.5cm

Weight: 0.12kg

Additional info: Rules in German

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