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1000 und ein Schatz - German version

1000 und ein Schatz - German version

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2-4 players Duration: 15-20 mins Not a single soul is in the cave of the 40 robbers when Ali Baba and his friends discover it. But gold, precious stones and other treasures are lying around there in mountains. The children want to take as much of these treasures as possible. When it comes to collecting, the one who plans his steps most carefully has the lead, because in the cave you can't just walk around at will, but always only as far as the current location dictates. Blinded by the treasures, however, players should not lose sight of the fact that disaster is slowly but surely approaching. The robbers are returning. Woe betide anyone who has not left the cave in time! An exciting running game, in which the players should be as clever as possible tactics.

Age: 5+

Condition of the toy: Used - Excellent

Material: Cardboard

Dimension: 22x22x5cm

Weight: 0.658kg

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