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Trunki - Tipu the Tiger - Child Suitcase

Trunki - Tipu the Tiger - Child Suitcase

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The first children's suitcase that children can sit on. Trunki makes traveling with children more enjoyable. This suitcase allows children to go for a walk or be towed when they are tired. Very practical in queues, or when traveling. Trunki was created to overcome the boredom that little travelers often suffer from. Designed to be used as carry-on luggage, kids can take their Trunki with all their favorite belongings, while parents tow them. Designed for use as carry-on luggage, Trunki is constructed with the same lightweight, durable plastic as adult suitcases. We've tested them to the extreme to make sure it can handle the weight and tears a 3 year old can throw at it.

Age: 3+

Condition of the toy: Used - Good

Dimension: 46x21x31cm

Weight: 1.7kg

Additional info: Towing strap not included.

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