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J'y vais ! - The game (French version)

J'y vais ! - The game (French version)

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The board game to the book (D'après l'univers de Matthieu Maudet)

Each player places a board in front of him. The cards are laid out face down, in 4 rows of 4 cards. The chips are placed in a pile (1 pile of 4 chips per accessory). The "Pot" token is set aside for the moment. Players must collect the 7 "Accessory" tokens in the order shown on the board. Players take turns turning over a card. If the card matches the first accessory indicated on the board, the player draws the token corresponding to the designated object and places it on the board.

Each game is about 10 minutes
2 - 4 players.

Language: French

Age: 3+

Condition: Used - Like new

Material: Cardboard

Dimension: 16x12x5cm

Weight: 500g

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