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Face Cards

Face Cards

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Whoever "spins" cleverly wins: put together crazy pairs of pictures, laugh, guess and win! What do the pictures of Einstein, the Maori and the neighbor's dog have in common? Exactly: they all stick out their tongues! Facecards brings together what belongs together ... or could belong together. Because people, animals and objects have more in common than you might think. This can be the same "facial expression", the nose shape or the same color - there are no limits to the imagination in "Facecards".

Tip for even more fun: Stick your own photos of cat Mimmi, aunt Trudi or boss Schröder on the blank cards included in the game - this will make your game unique!

Each game is about 20 minutes.

3 - 7 players

Age: 10+

Condition: Used - Excellent

Material: Cardboard

Dimension: 14x12x5cm

Weight: 400g

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