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Thinkfun Thinkfun Laser Maze

Thinkfun Thinkfun Laser Maze

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In Laser Maze, the goal is to skillfully place and align the various tiles on the board so that the laser beam hits the mirrors and illuminates the target tile in red. It sounds almost a bit magical, but it's physics and logical imagination that the player needs to master the 60 task cards in four different difficulty levels. Laser Maze not only makes the target tiles glow, it also makes the player's mind glow mightily and is a lot of fun in the process.

Age: 8+

Condition of the toy: Used - Good

Material: Plastic

Dimension: 27.5x23.8x6.6cm

Weight: 0.795kg

Additional info: Battery not included: A76 / LR44 / AG13 / L1154 / LR1154 / 157

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