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Ravensburger - Maya the Bee and her friends - 33 pieces

Ravensburger - Maya the Bee and her friends - 33 pieces

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Everything in the frame - an age-appropriate, fun puzzle with a base. Where's this corner? Do these puzzle pieces fit together? Frame puzzles are ideal for beginners because of the number and size of their pieces. The puzzle frame with the outline lines of the puzzle pieces facilitates correct insertion and also serves as a convenient base for the puzzle, even when on the move. While doing puzzles, children train their perception, short-term memory and logical thinking in a fun and entertaining way. At the same time, hand-eye coordination and patience are improved. Puzzles of the right difficulty help children grow with the challenge, boost their self-confidence and, above all, are great fun.

Age: 4+

Condition of the toy: Used - Good

Material: Cardboard

Dimension: 37x29cm

Weight: 0.295kg

Additional info: One puzzle piece is slightly damaged.

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